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Get a free Strategic Business Review

A comprehensive evaluation of your business to identify strengths and opportunities that impact the overall performance.

Boutique Business Coaching

For business owners and senior leaders who are ready to take your businesses and teams to the next level.

Building Performance Teams

Providing you the tools and information to understand what behaviours lead to success and how to create the best teams.

Training and Facilitation

Every training plan tailored specifically to the outcomes for you and your business, ensuring a strong ROI (return on investment).

Business Exit Planning

For professionals looking to create a business that can run itself without your constant input, allowing you time for new opportunities.

The Business Body Boutique Coaching Solution will work for you if:

  • You are committed to long term success – and willing to put in the effort required
  • You want to create a high-performance, sustainable culture for your team

Outcomes you can expect:

  • High-performance culture where everyone works towards clear goals
  • A ‘work smarter not harder’ approach and the structure to keep that constant and sustainable
  • More time to be able to work on, not in, your business
  • Increased profitability, cash flow, and business performance predictability

Resources you gain:

  • A thorough business diagnostic to identify the key areas of focus
  • A business development plan with tangible success metrics
  • Regular 1:1 business coaching as well as unlimited access between sessions for those questions that can’t wait
  • Access to The Business Body resources and templates
  • In-house training for your team including:
    • Communication & team effectiveness
    • Leadership & cultural development
    • Sales & influence
    • Financial acumen
    • Business partnering & consulting skills

Boutique Coaching

This is the solution for business owners and senior leaders who are ready to take their businesses and teams to the next level.

We have extensive experience across multiple industries, markets, and regions, as well as access to the latest knowledge and systems. We will bring these insights to enable you to strengthen your present position and open up new opportunities for your business.

Building Performance Teams

Effective and enthusiastic employees are fundamental to a build a high-performing business. To succeed, it is essential to have not just employees that are capable, but ones that surpass expectations.

This solution gives you the tools and information to understand what behaviours lead to success and how to create the best teams.

For leaders who strive to:

  • Make better strategic and tactical decisions
  • Improve their financial results
  • Keep hold of valuable employees
  • Create higher standards across the organisation
  • Ensure clarity for their employees

Outcomes for implementing the Assessment System:

  • Improve leadership across your organisation
  • Develop an improved business model
  • Align your strategies with your employees
  • Develop performance of your employees
  • Place your employees in their most suitable roles
  • Reduce expensive turnover
  • Retain your most valuable employees
  • Understand and develop your organisation’s culture


The Building Performance Teams allows you make more effective business decisions through understanding your people.

This solution will provide management with information to maximise employees’ performances through awareness of their strengths. This will, in turn, help eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted resources, and wasted time.

For leaders who value their employees and invest in their development:

Our training us both highly effective and time efficient.

Sessions include:

  • Business Modelling & Planning
  • Leadership & cultural development
  • Sales & Influence
  • Communication, behaviour, & team effectiveness
  • Recruitment & Staff Retention
  • Financial acumen
  • Professional development



Training and Facilitation

Your employees are the foundation of your business, and as such, they need ongoing training in order to continue their development and delivering quality to your customers.

Our highly qualified trainers tailor every training plan to the outcomes specific to you and your business, and optimise learning through multi-sensory (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) workshops and training. This ensures you receive a strong ROI (return on investment).

Business Exit Planning

For Business Owners looking to:

  • Exit and sell their business,
  • Create time and space to pursue new opportunities, or
  • Create a business independent of their daily involvement

The Business Exit Planning service allows you to build a step-by-step plan to grow your business sustainably without you having to appear at the office every day.

The overall goal of this service is to create a business that can run itself without your constant input. It will allow you to focus on the bigger picture, including threats and opportunities facing the business, and be the leader your business needs.

The importance of exit planning
An individually customised approach guarantees maximum effectiveness for creating space between you and the company. Through a tailored approach you will best be able to:

  • Enhance the continuity of your business
  • Unlock the value of the business
  • Maximise the business value

What are the 6 key steps in developing your Business Exit Plan?
Every plan is personalised, but all will include 6 key steps:

  • Evaluate your position
  • Set personal, business, and financial goals
  • Develop internal leadership in your company to ensure business continuity
  • Map out steps to exit operational leadership
  • Fund your role or life transformation
  • Continue to manage and oversee the overall plan

All of our Business Exit Plans are tailored to the individual and business. To achieve the best results, it is critical that we work closely to make sure this plan is developed from and for you and your business.

Some of our Clients

Oz Property
Beta Therapeutics

Our Clients Speak

  • Dominic's support, advice and on-going training and his careful approach to identifying strengths and weaknesses in our business and in us as individuals, has been crucial to our success in the broking industry.

    Branch Manager, MGA Insurances Group

  • Working with Dominic has been pleasant, positive and professional and most importantly, our journey with him has been life changing for all of us involved. We looking forward to continuing the partnership.

    Managing Director, Bench Furniture for Business

  • Since our team started working with The Business Body, our productivity has increased but most importantly, the office culture has vastly improved due to the wisdom and practical advice Dominic provided.

    Director, Agent Team

  • I have worked with Dominic over the last 15 years and have used his services in various areas of business support. I can highly recommend Dominic as an experienced and trusted source of business support and advisory services.

    CEO and Founder, Beta Therapeutics Pty Ltd

Free Strategic Business Review

A comprehensive evaluation of your business’ current position to identify strengths and stretches that are impacting the overall performance. The 45-minute session is COMPLIMENTARY and an ideal starting point if you:

  • Are the owner or leader of your business
  • Are committed to growing your business
  • Are ready to consider new and innovative approaches to best impact your business
  • Want to engage in, and develop, opportunities for your business
  • Are aware there are areas that need more work, but aren’t sure how to go about it

What to expect from this FREE session:

  • A 45-minute session either on the phone, on Zoom, or on Skype
  • To be asked a series of questions across all areas of your business
  • Quick, immediate insight to your business

What you will get from this FREE session:

  • Clear identification of where things are going well
  • Awareness of gaps in your current business plan
  • An action plan of areas to focus on
  • Whether we will be a good match to work together

Next step plans from this FREE session:

  • Build a business that runs smoothly, with or without you being present
  • Create consistent financial results
  • Build the right team, working the right way
  • Find and excite the right customers