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Learning from the best sports teams

Learning from the best Sports Teams

Learning from the best Sports Teams: What can your leadership learn from the coach of your favourite sports team? The Role of the Coach Imagine your favourite team adopted your company structure and culture. What would your position, as boss or leader, be? Would you be on the field with the players? Have you ever…
Guide To Growing a Successful Business

Evolution: A Guide To Growing a Successful Business

If we are looking for examples to guide business success I would point to evolution as a model to look to for examples. Evolution has been incredibly successful in getting life to the stage we are at now. Could evolution be a guide to growing a successful business? What are the parallels, and lessons, that…
Company Culture

Is It Worth Investing in Company Culture?

Do you cringe at the thought of someone asking you this question? Would you find it difficult to define what the question is actually asking you? What if I was to frame the question differently? How Engaged Are Your Staff? That is an easier and more direct question. There is less ambiguity. Most business people…