About the Business Body


Running a business is always challenging and it seems to be becoming increasingly so.

Constant pressure on sales, rising costs, staff challenges and pressures from the economy seem to be constantly rising.

Among the challenges facing industry:

  • many companies find that forecasting sales seems to be getting more difficult;
  • larger competitors are forcing down prices;
  • customer loyalty is a thing of the past;
  • costs of running a business are constantly on the rise
    • legal and compliance costs
    • staff costs
    • insurance costs
    • equipment costs

The underlying trend seems to be in one direction.

Good staff are harder to find, and staff loyalty often follows the highest bidder.

In addition, younger staff have a different attitude to work that is difficult to understand and seems to lack the same work ethic of the older generations.

Rising staff costs related to Workers’ Compensation, sickness and absenteeism are a constant cause for concern.

The local and national economy are becoming more challenging.

In addition, support institutions, such as banking and finance, seem to be less interested in helping business and impose high costs and restrictions in accessing their services. 

We say Enough is Enough!

You have built a great business based on your product, and/or services, and that is the expertise that has funded and driven your growth.

We have the business knowledge and expertise to compliment your business. We are enabling businesses to take back control and provide leadership where they need it most.

We are for those who want to look forward to coming into work feeling energized, optimistic, proud of their teams, with a more balanced lifestyle.

We are your secret sauce for a truly regenerated business and lifestyle.


My name is Dominic Dolan and I founded the company in 2011 that became The Business Body. I have worked for, and consulted to, many successful businesses, from very large companies to small companies growing very quickly. My experience is built across the manufacturing and service sectors including IT, entertainment, electronics manufacturing, security, biotechnology, and utilities. This background allowed me to not only experience different businesses, but different industries and across different continents from the UK to the US and Australia. 

I, and my team, have built up the technical expertise to help businesses over the years. Some years ago I recognised that, although I could fix specific problems that arose, the only way to set sustainable change was to change the mindset that led to the problems arising in the first place. That is when I upgraded my skills and studied coaching. I wanted to understand the behavioural and communication styles of the owners and staff I worked with. I wanted to look at the companies in a different way to move from transactional analysis to a more holistic approach. Finally, I wanted to be able to better understand my clients, improve my communication with them as to the underlying issues we identified, and work with them to get sustainable change and success in their businesses.

I spent two years, in my youth, in a Monastery believing that I wanted to become a priest. I did not continue on that path, but I do recognise some parallels in the underlying spiritual beliefs and those underpinning good business. In both cases success, and longevity, do not arise from a few good acts, or a few good decisions, irrespective of the outcomes. It comes from an attitude of mind, values, beliefs and standards. These set the culture that can sustain and carry through all staff and actions of an individual and a business. 

Success will come when your business, and everyone involved in it, knows your values and accepts them as their own. As our beliefs determine our actions, the beliefs arising from the agreed business values, will drive the standards of the business and influence all interactions internally, across the business, and externally with all customers and suppliers. Like any great team, success comes with alignment of values, beliefs and standards, with everyone working towards shared goals and outcomes.

This is why we created The Business Body.

We want to help release the potential of the owners and staff in the business and provide a platform of business expertise. We can provide new ways of looking at sales, building your market, and achieving higher closure rates, and greater customer loyalty. We help you to look at your business differently to allow you to focus on setting the goals and outcomes. You can then plan and implement the structures to allow the teams to deliver those outcomes, and have the systems provide the feedback for staff and management to monitor their successes and challenges. Finally, we can provide support to allow individuals and teams to understand themselves better and align their efforts and successes to agreed goals and outcomes.